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The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

I’m back

After some time away from blogging, I’ve decided to come back. And at the moment I’m a more positive person, but not all the time. So what have I been … Continue reading

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I don’t know how to feel happy.

So its my birthday soon, and all that that does is remind me of how many years I’ve been mentally ill. About 6 years 5 months. 6YEARS! All the things … Continue reading

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Tears and pain

Tears Tears fall like drops of blood Blood of life Tears of life fall and drain away Pain Deep from within Makes it hard to swallow, to breath Why doesn’t … Continue reading

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Always the bad things

sometimes I hate life so much,right now I’m feeling shit. Its as if whatever I do is never enough. my dad expects me to be some kind of… well I … Continue reading

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My grandmas been staying at my house this week from Sunday till next Thursday. She is really old, 91, I made her a cake for her birthday back in December. … Continue reading

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Been feeling so sick the last 2 days I can’t eat. Major headache and my eyes hurting and sensitive to light and noise and even smells. Might need to see … Continue reading

March 25, 2013 · 1 Comment

Off grid, pills and pain

I want to go off grid, live off the land, bushcraft and survival skills. Like ray mears or bear grills (is that his real name?) Back to basics, I’ve never … Continue reading

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