solarangel's brain spew

The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

Sitting and staring out the window

When I’m sitting at home with no motivation in me to do anything, I just sit and stare out the window. Right now its trying to snow. What I do find is that my cat is a great comfort to me, gives me lots of cuddles and stays in the room with me a lot. Its as if he understands, which is kind of strange. I dont work,I wouldnt be able to hold down a job, mainly because some days things can be so bad, I cant leave the house. sometimes I cant even leave my bed. But right now I in the lounge watching It try to snow, and the sun try to shine, and the wind trying to blow the fence over. sometimes its amazing how intresting just watching can be. so here i am sitting and watching and typing.


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