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A very long and tireing day, and fur…

Today I’m very tired, yesterday I really pushed myself and was busy for the whole day. First I had my counseling session, and then after lunch I went to volunteer in a charity shop I sometimes do some work for. And I drove despite the weather. It was snowing, or hailing or something like that, and I was really worried it would settle. But it didn’t and all I had to deal with was awful traffic! But that’s to be expected in the miserable British weather we’ve been having!!!

The strangest thing I did while I was at the shop, was I bought something for £35! There where 3 real fur stoles that had been donated, obviously antique ones. I bought the red fox one, and I instantly loved it as soon as I saw it! But I’m not sure I’d ever wear it now that I’ve got it home. Somehow it doesn’t feel right. Should I be sad that 50 or more years ago someone killed a fox just for its fur? I really love foxes, and at the back of my mind I think one of the reasons I bought it was because I didn’t want anyone to wear it. A bit of a battle going on in my head about it!

So even with my depression I’m coping at the moment, and I even thought I’m tired today I actually did some house work. Now for most people house work is something that must be done but its a bit of a tedious annoyance to do. For people who are depressed it can be a mountain, an impossible task that takes a great deal of will power to achieve. Today it was more of a hill than a mountain, so not too hard.

So… not sure what I’m doing the rest of the day, but my counselor says I need to write a list of tasks that I need to do, and do one every day. Its really wonderful to have someone like her to support me. Its something we all could to with at some point.


One comment on “A very long and tireing day, and fur…

  1. jaynefranks
    March 15, 2013

    Hi there from the North of England – your’e right the weather has been bad lately. Roll on some sunshine eh? Well done for ticking off that job today. 🙂

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