solarangel's brain spew

The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

I hate

I hate it when I write on facebook and some idiot “friend” is all pedantic about the spelling, syntax and content. its really upsetting and then i eat chocolate.

next thing my sister comes into the room looking like a model, and i think, its so unfair she has everything, the friends, looks, and no depression. or weight problem. she can walk in heels without falling on her face. she has guys falling at her feet and is not even interested in them. she could have any guy she wants. So shes off out to a party, and I’m sitting on the sofa with my laptop and tv on, big fat blob with a moustache with no one to go out with. and i mean friends not a guy. but there all busy without me. and why do i care? cos I’m a real sado who takes everything to heart, cos I’ve got nothing better to do. I HATE Saturday nights.

I never see her with any problems. why do i have so many? am i cursed?


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