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The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

Morbidly obese and hungry

Trying to eat a lot less. Reduce my calorie intake. It’s very hard, cos it makes me feel weak and nauseous, and my eyes hurt like there strained. O maybe that’s cos I’m a bit ill at the mo. I am seriously fat, and that’s not just in my mind. My bmi is 40 I checked it yesterday, which is ‘morbidly’ obese. Seriously that’s what they call it! Which don’t help my depression much, makes me feel very low. So at 16 stone 3ponds, I need to eat half the recommended daily allowance to lose it. This is so hard, I crave chocolate almost all the time. It’s my addiction. So anyone of you who has/had an addiction will understand. Trying to only eat simple foods.  Oats is one, I’m allowed oat biscuits on my diet. They taste horrible! But when I’m feeling so extremely hungry, they are the best thing in the world. I’m eating one now cos my stomach feels so empty I think I’m going to hurl. Just another day in the life of a seriously depressed and obese woman with a mustache (which will be gone soon I hope, laser it)
Much love to my readers x


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