solarangel's brain spew

The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

So stressed I want to cry

Seems like every one is shouting at me today. Why did I bother getting up? Just to get stressed cos I’m being pulled in 3 directions at once? Huge headache. I’ve got baking to do, but the way I feel I don’t want to do anything.
Yesterday was better. I saw my counselor in the morning, the went on to work in the shop in the afternoon. Was really busy, but I stayed calm and got on with it.
Now I just feel like I want to cry. So stressed I feel sick. I need some space, but I won’t get any. I hate living with my family, but I’m not well enough to leave, nor do I have the money to.
Life is shit. Death is shit. I wish there was something in between. Where I can go and feel something real.


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