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The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression


My grandmas been staying at my house this week from Sunday till next Thursday. She is really old, 91, I made her a cake for her birthday back in December. I love her like I love all my family (which is not all the time) but I don’t want to live with them especially her. There are too many of us in the house now and she takes up more space that you’d even think. she’s in the lounge all day watching tv really really loud. shes in the room opposite mine and she leaves the door open, so if i get up at night she wakes up and stares at me on my way to the toilet, its very creepy. my room is tiny so I’m not in there a lot and I like that the lounge is empty most of the day, but now its her domain. its so claustrophobic its like I can see the space everyone takes up as a physical thing, like it hangs heavy in the air all around us.

I just want her to go back home. I don’t like this change.


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