solarangel's brain spew

The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

Always the bad things

sometimes I hate life so much,right now I’m feeling shit. Its as if whatever I do is never enough. my dad expects me to be some kind of… well I don’t know but he always wants me to do more than I do. Like yesterday I baked a cake, I cleared up and washed up after it. I put the laundry up. and I cleared up the kitchen after supper. and no one seemed to notice, its like the tidy faerie did it. if they don’t have to do it, then it doesn’t matter to them. so no thank yous, or well dones, even though I did 75% more than i do most days.

I mean whats the point? you complain when I don’t do something, and don’t notice when I do. Its all fucked up, so wrong, why cant they just open their eyes and see the bigger picture. That I’m going forwards, but they only see the slips back, the bad days. cant they just give me a break, for heavens sake!!!


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