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The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

I’m back

After some time away from blogging, I’ve decided to come back. And at the moment I’m a more positive person, but not all the time.
So what have I been up to since April? Well a lot for me, but it wouldn’t seem very much to a lot of people. I don’t even know where to begin, but I think I will start with my birthday.
Birthdays, a big deal to me. Well mine anyway. So I tell my friends to keep the day I chose free, and then I would come up with something to do. I was excited, but then I wasn’t. You see to me birthdays mean another year wasted, lost to depression. A war that has lasted about 5 years so far. Suddenly I find that I don’t want to celebrate that, and cancel without giving a reason, who wants to celebrate a war? Especially one that’s on going. So I sink into a low, and cry, and hide in my bed. What’s so great about being older anyway? I don’t feel any older, I just feel bad.
So I guess that was the main thing in my life for May…


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