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The thoughts and feelings from someone living with long term depression

So stressed I want to cry

Seems like every one is shouting at me today. Why did I bother getting up? Just to get stressed cos I’m being pulled in 3 directions at once? Huge headache. … Continue reading

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Woke up covered in sweat. Don’t know why. Been having some crazy dreams that are just out of reach to remember. Shaky and need sugar, so have made myself a … Continue reading

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Exercise is good…I dont want to go :(

I’m of to zumba in a few mins, people keep telling me how good exercise is good for depression. tbh I dont want to go at all, id rather stay … Continue reading

March 19, 2013 · 3 Comments

Morbidly obese and hungry

Trying to eat a lot less. Reduce my calorie intake. It’s very hard, cos it makes me feel weak and nauseous, and my eyes hurt like there strained. O maybe … Continue reading

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I hate

I hate it when I write on facebook and some idiot “friend” is all pedantic about the spelling, syntax and content. its really upsetting and then i eat chocolate. next … Continue reading

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Evening gone wrong

Been bloging for about a week now, I think, and I’ve just found the mobile app for Android. And I thought wow! This is actually pretty cool. The layout is … Continue reading

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I cant explain how lonely I feel right now. how i wish i was with my ex, who is also my best friend. how the sinking feeling and eye watering … Continue reading

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